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Common Problems That Can Develop in Automotive Air Conditioning Systems

Last updated 5 years ago

Nothing is more uncomfortable or inconvenient than a broken down air conditioner in the middle of the summer. Fortunately, you can use these auto repair tips to catch problems in your car’s air conditioner to keep the cold air blowing as long as you need it. Early prevention and maintenance can also help you avoid many of the problems associated with damaged automotive air conditioning systems, including:

  • Uncomfortable Temperatures – Your air conditioner won’t be much use if it only blows warm air. Thankfully, an uncomfortable temperature is one of the simplest air conditioning system problems in the book. The issue is usually caused by a low volume of refrigerant. Have your auto repair technician check for reservoir leaks when your refrigerant is being refilled, as an unrepaired leak will result in temperature control problems throughout the summer.
  • Low Airflow – Some air conditioners refuse to blow straight on target. If your air conditioner is suffering this problem, then you likely have a broken vacuum supply line. This series of tubes helps to lead air to the right vent or exhaust. Ask your mechanic about vacuum supply line issues if your fan is working but your passengers aren’t receiving any air.
  • Excess Noise – The soft whirr of fans is typically the only sound an automotive air conditioner should make. In fact, additional noises from your vehicle’s air conditioner may indicate a serious problem. For example, these loud noises may be a result of a broken down compressor or a corroded fan belt. Keep your air conditioner components in good repair to avoid these noisy problems.
  • Offensive Odors – You may notice strange odors coming from an aging car’s air conditioner. This smell is likely the result of mold and bacteria that have taken up resident in the evaporator. Let a team of professionals wash away these smells with specialty chemicals that won’t harm the engine.

The experts at Dekalb Tire and Automotive Repair can have your automotive repairs finished quickly. We pride ourselves on our flawless repairs and great customer service. Learn more about our company and our technicians today by calling our office at (404) 252-9895.


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