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    Signs That Your Car Needs New Tires

    Last updated 7 days ago

    Has your car felt uncertain on the road lately? If you have experienced strange noises or vibrations on various road terrains, or you find that you have to add air to your tires every few days, then it is probably time to fit your automobile with a new set of rubber wheel coverings.

    One easy way to ensure that you replace your tires before they wear down so much that they start causing harm to your vehicle is to perform a tire tread check each month. In addition to noise and vibrations, warning signs to keep an eye out for include cracks in the sidewall and tire blisters.

    Is it time for you to have your tires checked, rotated, or replaced? To ensure that your vehicle is handled with care and that the tire service you get is the best value around, head on over to the Dekalb Tire and Automotive Repair location nearest you. To speak with an experienced tire dealer about the services we offer or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (404) 935-0350.

    Understanding the Importance of Routine Car Maintenance

    Last updated 13 days ago

    Owning a car is a privilege that requires automotive maintenance, care, and good judgment. If you do not adhere to convention by having your oil changed, your tires rotated, and your engine checked as recommended by your manufacturer, sooner or later you will run into trouble. Conversely, doing everything that a good car owner should do will help you:

    Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

    Proper automotive maintenance may require some time and effort on your behalf, but it will save you time, hassle, and money in the long run. By having your brakes checked, your oil changed, and your wheels aligned when they are due for attention, your car will require far fewer repairs than it otherwise would. It will also last longer, which means that you can wait a few extra years between making trips to dealerships in your area in search of a new car.

    Have a Reliable Ride

    This benefit of routine automotive maintenance goes hand-in-hand with keeping your car in good operating condition. Your boss and the loved ones in your life will appreciate you having a reliable ride at least as much as you will.

    Be Safe on the Road

    A poorly maintained car is a safety hazard, and probably should not be on the road at all. Regularly servicing your car will keep its parts in working order and will help tire dealers and other automotive experts detect problems early on, before they turn your car into a liability on wheels.

    Preserve Your Car’s Value

    Almost all vehicles depreciate in value over time. The only way to make your car an exception to this rule is to buy a car that you hope will become a classic and hold onto it until it is vintage. Well-maintained cars, in general, depreciate more slowly than poorly maintained cars.

    Different car makes and models have different automotive maintenance schedules. As a result, it is essential that you service your car in accordance with the guidelines outlined in your vehicle owner’s manual. If your car is due to have its wheels aligned or its brakes checked and you live in or near Dunwoody, trust the automotive repair and maintenance experts at Dekalb Tire and Automotive Repair. To schedule a service appointment, call us at (404) 935-0350.

    Dekalb Tire Review!

    Last updated 14 days ago

    Dekalb Tire Review!

    Last updated 19 days ago

    How to Select New Tires

    Last updated 19 days ago

    Automotive tires are the only parts of a motor vehicle that regularly have direct contact with the road, and thus their state of repair is especially important. If your tires are wearing down or you have recently sustained a flat and are in the market for new tires, watch this brief video clip for tips on selecting the right tires for your car and your needs.

    By the time you have finished screening this clip, you will know how to select an appropriate speed rating, determine the life expectancy of a set of tires, and choose tires that will make as little or as much noise as you would like. You will also know how to check the tread on your tires to determine whether or not they are due for replacement.

    If you are looking for new tires in or near the Dunwoody, GA area, call Dekalb Tire and Automotive Repair at (404) 935-0350. One of our tire repair experts will gladly discuss your tire options with you so that you can confidently select a new set of tires for your ride.

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