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Recognizing the Warning Signs of Tire Problems

Last updated 3 years ago

Without properly inflated tires that are in good working condition, you cannot get very far on the road. Since flat tires are an even greater pain to deal with in the Dunwoody area in the summertime and other tire problems can wreak havoc on your wheel alignment and make driving less safe for you and other drivers, staying on top of tire maintenance should be high on your list of automotive care priorities. Signs that your tires are in trouble and need to be replaced or serviced include:

Evidence of Tread Wear

As you accumulate miles with a set of tires that was once new, it is natural for their tread to wear down. Many newer tires have tread wear indicator bars that start to show only when it is time for you to replace your tires. If your tires do not have this feature, you should check their tread depth once a month by sticking a dime in the tread and seeing how far in it goes. When tread depth wears away to less than one-eighth of an inch, it is time for you to make a trip to the tire dealer.

Blisters or Cracks

Bulges, blisters, and cracks in the sidewall of a tire are signs of an imminent problem. Examine your tires once a week and any time driving on them simply does not feel right. If you see discover blisters or cracks while looking at your tires, retire them and have them replaced by your local tire dealer.

Vibration on Smooth Roads

As the driver of your vehicle, you know what degree of vibration is normal. If you notice that your car is vibrating more than it usually does when driving on smooth, paved roads, make a visit to a tire shop where an automotive expert can identify and correct the problem.

Driving your car with tires that are in poor condition is unsafe and sets you up to spend some time on the side of the road sooner or later. Rather than wait until your tire springs a leak, take your car to a tire dealer as soon as you notice any of the signs of tire problems discussed above. To have your tires inspected, rotated, or replaced in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Tucker, Cumming, or Smyrna, call Dekalb Tire and Automotive Repair at (404) 252-9895.


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