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Leading Signs and Causes of Automatic Transmission Problems

Last updated 6 years ago

A vehicle with a bad transmission is dangerous on the road, and if left unrepaired, transmission problems can be costly. One way to address transmission problems early is by being aware of the signs of a problem:

  • Performance Troubles: A healthy transmission functions seamlessly, changing the gears of a vehicle almost without notice by the driver. Any noticeable change in performance is likely related to a maintenance issue. Drivers should remain diligent about spotting and recognizing these issues before they progress into full-scale transmission failure. A “slipping” gear is an easy thing to notice. Once you put your vehicle in gear, your vehicle should remain in that selected gear. Uncontrolled shifting between gears indicates a transmission in need of maintenance. A perceptible shake between gears indicates a “dragging” transmission. Delay between “Park” and “Drive” modes is another indicator of necessary repair.
  • Inexplicable Sounds: The only transmission noise you actually want to hear is silence. Grinding and moaning noises made by gear shifts are almost always the sign of a problem. These sounds don’t only occur when the vehicle is in motion. Transmission noises from a car in neutral are clear signs of gear wear. A simple transmission fluid change may solve the problem. Take a noisy transmission into the shop immediately to avoid an expensive repair down the road.
  • Curious Scents: Leaking fluid indicates a transmission in need of immediate repair. However, drivers are likely to miss leak spots that propagate beneath their vehicle. The presence of a sweet aroma should precipitate a quick check beneath the car. A burning smell may also indicate a transmission problem. This is likely the sign of an overheated transmission and an advanced transmission fluid leak. Take your vehicle in for repairs directly after detecting these signs.

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